Four resolutions for the year

Loyal readers will recall that back in January, we told you about how making New Year’s Resolutions was destined to fail due to circumstances beyond your control. The whole system is rigged against you.

In that article, we told you to come back in April and we would make new resolutions that we’d have a better chance of keeping. So put down that tub of butter, because it’s April, and it’s time to make resolutions!

For others. We’re going to make resolutions for others. We’re already perfect.

Let’s see what it’s time for the world to change. Continue reading

The folly of New Year’s resolutions

If you’re like most Americans, you spent some time coming up with resolutions to kick off 2016. And you’ve already failed at them. Whoops!

Now sure, you might be telling yourself that you haven’t failed, exactly, not yet anyway, that you’re going to get right back on them and everything will be fine. Just like every year, right?

But don’t despair. Let me tell you why it’s not your fault. Continue reading

Be Resolute

Happy New Year’s from everyone here at Soft-Core Sophist! [Ed. note: Hi! SCS’s regular editor is on vacation for the holiday, so they brought me on a temporary basis and allowed me to provide my comments.]

Chances are that as part of the new year, you made some resolutions. Chances are, those resolutions are terrible. You’ve probably already given up on most of them, or decided you’ll actually start it tomorrow, which is pretty much the same as giving up on it.

So let’s work on making new resolutions. Resolutions to make you better. Not some vague nonsense like “exercise more” or “join a gym” which require long commitments you’ll never keep as you fall into your familiar ruts. Let’s eliminate the fears you have. Continue reading