The cooked Book of Mormon

The president of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints is being sued in Britain on fraud charges. The man filing the charges alleges Thomas Monson made more than $257 million from the Mormon Church in the United Kingdom by spreading lies, thus the fraud charges.

Those lies he allegedly told are the central tenets of the Mormon faith. The money is the contribution made to the church by its members.

Here are some of the lies Thomas Phillips claims Monson has been profiting off of fraudulently: Continue reading

The Religion Wars

Major religions are constantly at odds with one another. Each of them say they are the only ones who are right, with serious metaphysical implications for those who are not part of their religion. When they look for new members, it’s more than a business pursuing new customers; it’s a fight for everyone’s very soul.

Christianity, in its various forms, has long been the most evangelical, searching for new converts in a fervent desire to grow their ranks and save people from Hell. But now it’s their ancestors, the Jews, who are making serious inroads when it comes to finding new members, and they’re doing it in what has long been a base of Christian conversion: prisons. Continue reading

Big Discounts on Values

The Affordable Care Act, known mostly as Obamacare, has been in the news a lot lately, probably because it’s a large piece of legislation causing sweeping changes throughout the country as it changes how health insurance is handled at a federal level, affecting nearly everyone.

While most people are content to mock the terrible website problems as the most visible failure of the program, the most nefarious part of this new law is the flagrant violation of religious freedom of this nation’s voiceless: our corporations. Continue reading