Previewing the 2016 Major League Baseball season: National League

Yesterday we predicted the American League and how every team there would fare over the course of the 2016 Major League Baseball season.

Today we conclude by previewing the National League.

For details on our scientific model and complex algorithm used to generate each team’s Power Points, see yesterday’s article. For now, on with the predictions! Continue reading

Previewing the 2016 Major League Baseball season: American League

With the 2016 MLB season starting soon, it’s time to prepare for what we’ll all witness: some baseball games.

But who will finish first? Who will finish first, but in a different division? That’s what SCS is here for.

We asked our ace Soft Core Sophistry baseball expert to come up with what you should expect from every team this season and rank them according to expected finish. Turns out he’s on vacation.

So we listed the teams in order based on an algorithm we just dreamed up that we feel should perfectly encapsulate the quality of each team.[1] Below are the results. Continue reading

Creating history: how to succeed in the future of politics

Last time on Soft-Core Sophistry, we talked about Brendan Eich stepping down as the CEO of Mozilla two weeks after being appointed to the position, due to pressure from the internet concerning his 2008 donation in support of California’s Proposition 8.

Today we follow up that story with lessons we can learn about what the future holds.

And then we’ll see if there’s a way we can profit from it. Continue reading

Stunningly Accurate Predictions

Last night, Argo won the Oscar for Best Picture. There was a lot of competition in a strong year for cinema, so many people had wildly divergent guesses as to which film would win, and many threw up their hands saying it was impossible to predict. But Argo‘s victory was predicted, nearly five years ago, in the surprisingly good Tropic Thunder.

Surprising, because it starred both Ben Stiller AND Jack Black.

Surprising, because it starred both Ben Stiller AND Jack Black.

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