Deal or no deal

There’s nothing new in saying the health care system in this country is out of control. Costs are skyrocketing, employment decisions–by both employer and employee–are being made with insurance in mind, and the abomination that is called Obamacare is threatening to turn us into a dystopian nation full of nightmares and socialism, but mostly nightmares about socialism.

That’s why we here at Soft Core Sophistry are clinging to the idea proposed by Georgia governor Nathan Deal: stop treating those that can’t pay.

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Big Discounts on Values

The Affordable Care Act, known mostly as Obamacare, has been in the news a lot lately, probably because it’s a large piece of legislation causing sweeping changes throughout the country as it changes how health insurance is handled at a federal level, affecting nearly everyone.

While most people are content to mock the terrible website problems as the most visible failure of the program, the most nefarious part of this new law is the flagrant violation of religious freedom of this nation’s voiceless: our corporations. Continue reading