Russia’s invasion plans go farther than we thought

Russia’s recent and ongoing interference in Ukraine has raised many difficult questions, such as what are their goals, what should the US do about it, and where actually is Ukraine?[1]

Now we’re getting our first indications the whole thing was just a scheme to restart and win the space race.

Russia’s real invasion plan is for the moon. Continue reading

The Planet’s Greatest Villain

On February 15, 2013, a meteorite slammed through the atmosphere and nearly destroyed a good portion of Russia.

An asteroid much larger than that passed close to Earth the next day.

In case you’re unfamiliar, here are the differences between the most frequently used terms for large hunks of rock hurtling through space, as explained by the talking dinosaur pals of Dinosaur Comics.

Aside from teaching us that every car in Russia apparently has a camera mounted on it (and that Russians are apparently nonchalant about the signs from Revelation, probably due to the Soviet regime’s practice of banning religion), we learned another very important lesson from this event: NASA is preparing to kill us all. Continue reading