The most dangerous game

I want to┬áplay a game. It’s a scavenger hunt.

First, I want you to find me something to do with paper. But it has to be something special to me. To us. And I can’t already have it.

Next, I want you to find me something to do with cotton. Once again, it has to be meaningful. I’ll give you a whole year to find it.

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Some questions about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision

Just over 11 months ago, I got married. Recently, my wife and I were planning our first anniversary, a trip where we could relax, have an adventure or two, and reflect on what a year of marriage meant to us.

Now I am busy canceling those reservations.

My marriage is destroyed, thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States. Continue reading

Love and/or marriage

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s talk about love marriage.

We all know the sanctity of marriage is under attack, but the federal government has been fighting back for more than a decade the only way it knows how: with money.

Now a study has been released showing what more than $600 million spent on the Healthy Marriage Initiative over a decade can do to save marriages in this country.

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