In Spain, history doesn’t mean what it used to

It’s a sad time in world affairs, as more than 400 years of history and tradition are being thrown away.

After a close election, the population of a tiny Spanish village has decided to change its name. It will no longer be known as Castrillo Matajudios, or, in English, Fort Kill the Jews.

Let us mourn this loss. But at the same time, let us celebrate America’s greatness, which stands in stark contrast to this depressing loss. Continue reading

The cat’s out of the bag, history

Western culture has long had a habit of downplaying the achievements of other civilizations, with only recent times reversing the trend.

Arabs were advanced beyond their European peers, with the Europeans only catching up when trade opened up between them. Asians, particularly the Chinese, had an incredible culture and sophisticated devices. Both were neglected in the history books.

Now researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have discovered another advanced culture that was buried by the Europeans: cats.

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His Story

Do you know anyone named Victor? Chances are you don’t. If you do, chances are very good he’s a terrible writer.

How do I know this? How have a I peeled away the veils of your life to see the hidden truth about your friendship, or lack thereof, with people named Victor?

Simple. Once again, I know the truth so few do. Continue reading