Seven adorable puppies that look like other animals. Number four will blow your mind!

It’s well known that dog is man’s best friend, and there are so many varieties now that you can find one that has any trait you want.

Sometimes, that trait means looking like another animal altogether!

Enjoy this collection of seven of the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen, but with distinct features that make them look like they really belong to another species. Continue reading

Unified Theory of Fish

Earlier today, a Canadian I know let it slip that residents in the Great White North will often occupy themselves by hitting a block of ice with a fish for upwards of six hours at a time. That led another non-Canadian to comment on the lack of a point of that, as the only surprise or entertainment would be derived from the fish spontaneously coming back to life. Of course, I had to set him right that it would be no surprise at all.

Since it seems my theory (and it is a “theory” in only the same way gravity, evolution, or magic is a theory) was not widely known, let me elucidate my charming readers, who I am sure are smart enough to know this already. Nonetheless, it needs to be stored on the internet, so perhaps future societies can benefit. Continue reading