Working abroad: One man’s journey through pain and heartache

For the past six months, I have been working from home. Yesterday, our new office opened, and I had to go in to work.

Waking up early. Commuting to work. Remembering to wear pants.

This is the story of my waking nightmare.

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This Is Snow Joke

It snowed last night.

This is in Denver. I am from Florida. I have never lived in snow before. Before now, snow was like crime, something that only happened to other people.

I have visited snow before, spending some time in Boston on trips during February, and one crazy week in Minnesota around New Year’s, where the snow was probably two feet deep. But those trips were like visiting a prison. It was weird and scary, but you have guides to keep you safe and in short time you leave and it is gone forever. Now I live in that prison. We are all victims of the consequences of our choices. Continue reading