In Spain, history doesn’t mean what it used to

It’s a sad time in world affairs, as more than 400 years of history and tradition are being thrown away.

After a close election, the population of a tiny Spanish village has decided to change its name. It will no longer be known as Castrillo Matajudios, or, in English, Fort Kill the Jews.

Let us mourn this loss. But at the same time, let us celebrate America’s greatness, which stands in stark contrast to this depressing loss. Continue reading

Satire 2.0: Creating an argument that agrees with the other side’s premise

Last week, things got a little heated for Stephen Colbert. The host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report had a segment discussing Dan Snyder, owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

In the piece, Colbert discussed Snyder’s journey to talk to members of various Native Americans to talk about their reaction to the football team’s name, which many have criticized as being racist, mostly because it’s racist.

After those talks, Snyder was apparently moved by the plight of the Native Americans and started the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation to help them.

Colbert was similarly moved by Snyder’s journey, and that’s where the trouble began, and where the #CancelColbert movement started on Twitter. Continue reading