No half measures

For years now, people have tried to affect change in the world without doing much of anything, such as changing their Facebook profile picture to bring awareness to child abuse, or posting videos of Joseph Kony to bring awareness to the terrors he has inflicted.

This “slacktivism” has done little except make the person feel good about their action, which can lead to less actual positive contributions later.[1]

But now slacktivists have caught their white whale: they forced Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich to step down as CEO. Continue reading

The Desolation of Smog

When Los Angeles was struck by terrible smog in the 1940s, everyone sprang into action. Scientists studied the causes, lawmakers worked to enact legislation to curb those causes, manufacturers came out with new designs to lessen the gases that led to the problem, and today the smog, while still present, is much less of a disruption on everyday life. This is how America responded to the smog crisis: research, committees, work, and solutions.

Beijing is currently dealing with what is likely even worse smog. Their response has been a little different. Continue reading