4 ways Scientology and Apple are the same organization

On the surface, you can’t get much different than Scientology and Apple. One is a publicly reviled cult while the other has droves of fans lining up to purchase every new product release.

Dig a little deeper and these organizations seem a lot more similar.

Here are four ways Scientology and Apple are practically indistinguishable. Continue reading

The Simple Joy of Pushing a Hoop with a Stick

The Federal Trade Commission recently levied a $35.2 million fine against Apple, following complaints that the company didn’t do enough to warn parents about the potential problems with some of their apps.

Most notably, when their child was playing a game, a parent would enter a password to let their kid buy something in the game, but were not told that password would remain valid for 15 minutes, allowing the child to make continuous in-game purchases for that entire time. According to one of the complaints filed, a kid playing the game Pet Hotel ran up a bill of $2,600 before those 15 minutes expired. Continue reading