Why we published “A Modest Proposal”

The Soft Core Sophistry editorial board has forcefully defended babies and criticized the use of force against them. Time and again we have argued that they are vital for a healthy nation and that attacks against them are barbaric, unjust, and have no place in the United States of America.

We’ve also crusaded for years against the underlying, systemic inequalities that have led to the conditions in which we now find ourselves.

As part of our exploration of these issues, SCS has published powerful arguments supporting babies, advocating for their healthy upbringing, and criticizing people eating them.

But SCS owes it to our readers to present counter-arguments, particularly by those who have good recipes.

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Respek Knuckles: Louisiana Public Schools

Sometimes it seems as though the world is made of outrage and bad decisions. It’s the perfect environment for good satire. The classic example is Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, which was written when the wealthy were coming up with radical solutions to the problem of the poor (as well as England’s general attitude toward the Irish being generally hostile). A Modest Proposal outlined a solution of preparing the children of the poor as meals for the wealthy, thus reducing poverty and raising money through the extravagance of the meals. It mocked the bad decisions of the time and generated outrage, which could be turned from the satire to the real issues.

Now Louisiana’s Sabine Parish School Board has upgraded the level at which satire operates by turning it into a live performance art piece. Continue reading