7 writing lessons learned from my kitten

Last time, I went over the most overused piece of writing advice out there: kill your darlings.

I received some criticism that I pointed out a flaw without offering any advice of my own, which just shows me people don’t read to the end of my posts, because I clearly offered up some ways of phrasing it different so it worked better.

Still, It’s only fair that I do my part to help out other aspiring (or even established) writers out there. And I was able to get some inspiration from my kitten, Tiberius. Continue reading

3 reasons writers need to stop giving the advice “Kill Your Darlings”

I enjoy writing. In addition to this blog, I’ve written stories for friends (all unrequested, I assure you), long-winded emails to coworkers, and several short stories. I’ve been working on various novels off and on since I was a child, none of which have made it very far.

But I enjoy it a lot, and I’m always looking to improve. As such, I read a lot of writing manuals and advice columns, blog posts and interviews. So while I don’t have much experience being paid to be a published writer, I have lots of experience studying writing.

It’s this extensive experience that gives me three reasons why I’m asking everyone to stop giving the overused advice “Kill your darlings.” Continue reading