The message behind The Angry Birds Movie

This weekend, the #1 movie in America was The Angry Birds Movie.

Based on the once-popular mobile game and brought to life by movie makers’ rapidly drying well of ideas, the film tells the simple story of birds who are angry at pigs for stealing their eggs, and slingshotting themselves across the land to stop the pigs.

That’s the story behind the game, anyway. The movie tells a much deeper, darker tale. Continue reading

The horrifying implication of Zootopia

I just saw the new Disney movie Zootopia, a wacky retelling of 48 Hours but with more racism. It was enjoyable!

But it was also confusing in some regards, and when you start probing deeper, they all tie together in creepy ways.

Be warned: there are plenty of spoilers below. Continue reading

The problem of Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a fun movie that did a fine job of the difficult task of balancing being an homage to the original movies and creating its own movie.

Part of its own creation is the introduction of the new main characters, notably Rey, Kylo Ren, and Finn. The characters were well portrayed, fully fleshed out characters that were separate from the original movies, and were an absolutely welcome addition to the franchise.

While I’ve seen criticisms of Rey for being too adept too quickly, and for Kylo Ren being too emo to take seriously as a major villain, my problem lies with Finn. His actions are problematic, not just for his own character, but for all of the viewers.

Here there be spoilers, so if you still haven’t seen the movie but plan to, probably stop now. Why did you open this in the first place? I mean, thanks, but it’s really not for you. Yet. Continue reading

‘Frozen’ sends the wrong message about domestic abuse

I saw Frozen again the other day and, at the risk of this turning into the Pretty Princess Blog, it’s time to find more hidden meanings in the Disney tale.

Last time we determined the movie was full of gay propaganda. This time we’ll see if the movie features a chilling message about domestic abuse.

Because it totally does.

(Once again, there are plenty of spoilers with no warnings other than this one.) Continue reading

‘Frozen’ leaves some viewers feeling cold

Recently, my ladyfriend saw something online that greatly upset her. She read a review claiming the Disney movie Frozen was spreading homosexual propaganda.

I have not read the review, but I have seen the movie, and now I will attempt to determine if that review is correct and my brain was poisoned by gay messaging.

SPOILER ALERT: The answer is yes.

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