In Spain, history doesn’t mean what it used to

It’s a sad time in world affairs, as more than 400 years of history and tradition are being thrown away.

After a close election, the population of a tiny Spanish village has decided to change its name. It will no longer be known as Castrillo Matajudios, or, in English, Fort Kill the Jews.

Let us mourn this loss. But at the same time, let us celebrate America’s greatness, which stands in stark contrast to this depressing loss. Continue reading

Russia’s invasion plans go farther than we thought

Russia’s recent and ongoing interference in Ukraine has raised many difficult questions, such as what are their goals, what should the US do about it, and where actually is Ukraine?[1]

Now we’re getting our first indications the whole thing was just a scheme to restart and win the space race.

Russia’s real invasion plan is for the moon. Continue reading

I never trusted that bastard Jiminy

Americans like to think we’re big sports fans. We share camaraderie, drinks, and drunken stories over sports.

We taunt, we yell, and we fight with fans of opposing teams.

We are nothing compared to India.

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