Will the new arms race in America be the most devastating one?

There’s a new arms race in the United States, a race the Americans have never lost.

They won the race to the atomic bomb, using it to help win World War II. They won the arms race against the Soviets to end the Cold War.

But who will win when the new arms race pits American vs. American? Continue reading

Reading and ‘Riting and Retrograde Military Equipment…

It’s no secret that going to school is a dangerous propositions these days.

Rampant bullying, school shootings, and John Green books show just how bad things have gotten. It’s clearly not safe to attend school, especially for teachers and administrators.

Luckily, there someone looking out for our embattled schools: the military. Continue reading

I thought Florida was the Gunshine State

Let’s get right to it: if you don’t live in Missouri, your freedoms are in grave danger. While the continued Obama-ization of this country threatens to take away our God-given rights to guns, the Show Me State is taking matters into their own hands.

For the second year in a row, their legislature is working on a law to override federal firearm legislation. Last year, Democratic Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill that would have made Missouri the last bastion of freedom in America, and Republicans came up just short of the votes needed to overturn that veto. Now they’re trying again with a slightly scaled down bill they believe will be more accepted.

There are lots of cars on this freedom train, so let’s hop on and ride the rails to Independence. Continue reading