Welcome to Soft-Core Sophistry! By liking this blog (either on Facebook, on an individual post, or through the endorphins released in your brain through reading it) or following it, you are part of the SCS Family, and we are glad to have you. Come in, make yourself comfortable. Enjoy what’s available and feel free to join in on any of the discussion.

So who am I? I’m just a guy on the internet. Sometimes I have thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts scare me. But sometimes they don’t! Sometimes I like to share those thoughts.

Generally what you can expect is a take on things that you won’t find in other places. They say while others are zigging that you should zag, but I prefer to lay in the soft grass and look at the clouds and imagine what would happen if I ruled the world. Or what would happen if sloths ruled the world. Or how much cooler it would be if I had super powers. Or about my unified theory of fish.

But you probably got here through my popular post about going back to work in an office after six months of working from home. Once that brought me unexpected fame, I wrote a guide for how to deal with sudden success, which also has links to some of my other more popular posts scattered throughout. It’s a good introduction to this site and a handy reference in case you ever also become wildly successful.

To any potential advertisers out there: I am 100% ready to sell out. Want to provide me your product (or cash) in exchange for a positive article? Hit me up! I have no shame!

Anyone at all who wants to get in touch privately can fill out the form on the Contact page or directly email yell@softcoresophistry.com

You can get all of the updates by liking this page on Facebook. Just go to https://www.facebook.com/SoftSophistry and hit the pretty little Like button. Or you can just hit the Like button over to the right so you don’t have to bother with all that other nonsense. I’ll also post things that are too short for a blog post there, so there is extra content.

For shorter versions of my thoughts, you can follow me on twitter where I go by the name @SoftCoreSophist, but be warned: my Twitter account is light on substance and heavy on puns.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Please be aware that I recently read that a sloth will die if it does not get enough sunlight….does Colorado get enough sunlight for a sloth?


    • I would get a sun lamp. I would make it work. Nothing would be too good for my sloth. (But Colorado gets 300+ days of sunshine a year. It would be cold outside, but it’d be heated inside. I think it’d be okay.)


  2. You may aspire to super hero or sip tea with Einstein, but I’d have cookies and milk with you because I like honest people. I can tell you fell into a vat of honest tox when you were a young child and never recovered. Don’t change even if you sell out – your’e cool as is 🙂


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