Laurel vs Yanny is why Trump won

In the latest social media explosion of people not being able to come to a consensus on what their senses are telling them, we have a verbal controversy.

So which do you hear, Laurel or Yanny?

If you hear ‘Laurel’ you are correct. It’s a poor-audio recording of a voice saying that word.

If you hear ‘Yanny’ you can’t be trusted. You are part of the problems plaguing the world.

Based on the link provided, we know the word was recorded from an opera singer very clearly pronouncing the word ‘laurel’. There is no ambiguity there. We know the sound is distorted through recording it onto someone’s computer from there, but that the actual word wasn’t changed. It is, indisputably, laurel. It doesn’t matter how you change the pitch or the frequency, the word is still the same.

Yet some people still say they hear ‘Yanny’. The teenager who started this heard it straight from her computer speakers without the additional distortion. Millions of other people apparently do too.

It’s possible that some of these people are just being contrarian, claiming to be a Yanny when instead they hear laurel. Those people are contrarians trolls, some of the worst people on Earth, and they don’t deserve our time or consideration.

Others, though, genuinely hear yanny.

They are wrong. Facts are facts, and they are hearing things wrong.

This is a serious problem. When someone speaks a lie, we all hear that lie. Whether we realize it’s a lie at the time or not, that’s still what we hear.

Yannies, though, can also hear a lie when someone speaks the truth. That’s what is happening here. One word is spoken, a lie is heard instead.

I say ‘Laurel,’ Yannies hear ‘Yanny.’

I say “You lost the popular vote by millions,” Yannies hear “There were millions of votes cast illegally.”


“It’s not a lie if I believe it, believe me.”

This means that lies can spread without even being said. And there’s no way to counter them, because Yannies will just hear something else even if you tell them the actual truth.

I guess we could write stuff down for them, but let’s see if any of them believe this. The natural response is to be defensive about what we perceive, and few people can overcome that. Once the lie is heard, it’s already too late.

Either that, or everyone claiming to hear ‘Yanny’ is part of a vast and confusing conspiracy. Are they the ones behind 9/11?

I’m watching you, Yannies.

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