Needing Taylor Swift, now more than ever

I might have been a bit premature a couple of weeks ago when I said with the election over, the anger permeating our country would dissipate. Whoops!

Instead, we have descended into a bitter division. We have protests against the president elect before he’s even taken office. We have the same president elect crying that the theater should be a safe space for his vice president elect.

We need a voice we can all listen to, to tell us what to do, so we have something extra to be thankful for.

We need Taylor Swift.

Is this political division a sign that we are never ever getting back together? Do we have too much bad blood? Or should we shake it off and begin again?


I know which one I’m hoping for.

This is going to be difficult. This election is unprecedented in so many ways–we can’t just look back to the last time we went through this. The canvas representing out future is a giant blank space. It’s up to us now to determine the story of us, to decide what our song will be.

And that’s why we need T-Swift! Who better to help guide us out of the woods than someone who has been through so much and written about it so expressively, in a style that’s captivated the nation?


Not the voice of a generation we deserve, but the one we need right now.

Half the country sees Donald Trump as a fearless leader who will keep them safe & sound. At night, every day since the election, they’ve felt that today was a fairytale, but even sweeter than fiction. They felt the country needed a change, and now they chant “Long live Trump” (probably). They are emboldened by Trump saying to immigrants “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.”

The other half of the country is seeing red. They never believed a Trump presidency was possible in their wildest dreams. Ever since Trump was first leading the Republican polls fifteen months ago, they expected his sheen to fade, his picture to burn. They are grossed out about the new romantics, Trump and the alt-right.


There are options as to which pictures should burn.

Some of the more anarchic members of that second group believe that Trump will do poorly enough that the love story will end, and his supporters will soon have their eyes open. The idea is that his supporters will realize they should’ve said no. That after his inauguration, maybe as early as January 22, they’ll long to go back to December, before he took office.

Tay, bae, this is why we need to you to come in on a white horse and save us, before sparks fly. I know you’re on the road a lot and the highway don’t care about all this, but only you can stop everyone from being mean to each other. You need to help the nation see that this country isn’t mine, and it isn’t theirs, but it’s ours.

We need both sides to look past our differences and realize we’re all in this together, and say “You belong with me.”

I can’t do this on my own. Every time I try to write a song that will bring the country together and pull on the heartstrings of people with so many differences, it seems so overwhelming and I just get teardrops on my guitar.

I can’t do it. But I know you can.

Please. Otherwise we’re going to have to turn to Tim McGraw or some shit.

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