14 things only children of the 90s will appreciate

Can you believe the 90s started over 25 years ago? Crazy, right?

But no matter how much time passes, anyone who came of age during that wacky decade will never forget it.

Here are 14 of our favorite memories from it. Don’t bother showing this to anyone who wasn’t there! They just won’t get it.


1. Pogs – No one knew what they were or where they came from, but everyone had a hole in their back yard that glowed eerily and occasionally erupted some into our dimension. Naturally, 90s kids got right to work trading them and slamming them with metal discs!


2. Beanie Babies – Another collector’s dream, everyone had someone in their family who couldn’t resist buying up every last Beanie Baby they could get their grubby mitts on. And we all experienced the tragedy of losing a loved one–usually a younger brother or sister–to the bottomless pile of plush that came to dominate our home. We can still hear their cries echoing in our sleep.


3. Animaniacs – This animated children’s show from Steven Spielberg sure had a lot of adult humor in it that you didn’t catch until you were older! But by far the weirdest episode was the one that went all blurry, and then a future version of you came on the screen telling you to stop watching it and get to work, because the fate of the world was in your hands. Then it cut out and went back to the show before Future You could explain what you had to do!


4. Dial-Up Internet – Anyone in the 90s who had the internet had the same experience: taking forever to log on using dial up, then eagerly jumping into chat rooms to communicate with people around the world, half of the conversation being “A/S/L check” and responses to these requests for people’s age, sex, and location, then inevitably finding yourself tied up in a van. Kids today can do all that in a flash! Just not the same!


5. The Little Mermaid – Disney’s The Little Mermaid came out in 1989 and was an important part of growing up for many kids. That’s why, a few years after it came out, everyone felt a compulsion to kiss a fish, just to see what it would be like. And also to get some practice for those makeouts to come!


6. Discovering Atlantis – Okay, maybe it wasn’t technically Atlantis, but 90s kids inevitably did find out an underwater kingdom exists, and that mermaids are real! Unfortunately, they took a harsh view of you mouth-raping their friends, and the king imprisoned you for it in a tiny air bubble.


7. Escaping Atlantis – Thankfully, all of us managed to find a princess who took pity on our plight and managed to convince the renegade scientist in the kingdom to give us gills so we could escape. It was harrowing, but we even managed to find love under the sea. We still have the gills to prove it! Sadly, we can never return to the water, lest the sea king take his vengeance on us.


8. That One Thanksgiving – Everyone in the 90s knows about this! We all had that one Thanksgiving that was interrupted rudely by our future self, loudly announcing that we should ignore what was said earlier. The fate of the world wasn’t in our hands; it was just gas. It was a relief, certainly, but also very embarrassing!


9. Existential Despair – Sure, the fate of the world was no longer weighing us down, but we still felt the agony of not living up to our potential. We felt like we could do so much, but we always fell short. Some felt it so deeply that they actually turned French, wearing berets, eating baguettes, and smoking cigarettes while exclaiming that life is a meaningless charade. Most of us got over it though.


10. Hypercolor – We all went wild for clothes that changed color in the sun, or when someone touched them! Of course, we were all disappointed that they didn’t stand up to repeated use, and we all tucked them deep into our dresser since every time we would go in the sun, the message “This World Is Not For You” would appear.


11. Mood Rings – If color-changing clothes couldn’t solve all of our problems, then mood rings were there to help! By changing colors to match the wearer’s mood, mood rings always let you know what you and everyone else was feeling. There’s just no getting past the fact that yours was always black though. It would change colors if other people tried it on, so it wasn’t broken, but no matter how many you tried on, they always turned a darker shade of black than you knew was possible. Put those in the back of the dresser also!


12. That Gypsy Woman – Everyone knew one! Even though you knew she came from a different culture, you were ashamed to be weirded out by her, just because every time she caught sight of you would start yelling in an indiscernible tongue, then fall to the ground writhing around, her eyes gone completely dark. Awkward!


13. I want my baby back, baby back, baby back… – Every true children of the 90s remembers their first time trying Chili’s Baby Back Ribs, and realizing they’d finally found the answer to their existential despair. Bar-b-que sauce!


14. Grandma – Man, remember her? Good old grandma! 90s kids know what I’m talking about.

What are some of your quintessential 90s memories? Or what was your decade and the items that could only belong to them? Let us know in the comments!

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