Seven adorable puppies that look like other animals. Number four will blow your mind!

It’s well known that dog is man’s best friend, and there are so many varieties now that you can find one that has any trait you want.

Sometimes, that trait means looking like another animal altogether!

Enjoy this collection of seven of the cutest puppies you’ve ever seen, but with distinct features that make them look like they really belong to another species.

1. Starting off with a splash!


This puppy “otter” know that lazing around in the water is something fish do, along with some of our bird friends. And with his fur looking just like feathers, this puppy is a dead ringer for a duck, floating happily on the water. So cute!

2. Fishing for compliments!


This puppy was born with a condition that keeps it from growing fur. Don’t worry though, it’s not serious! But his hairless body means he looks like he wants to help find Nemo or become the Little Mermaid’s best friend. Just remember that even though you look like a fish, you can’t breathe underwater little guy!

3. This puppy loves “humpday” LOL!


This puppy’s owners just cannot get him to stop humping everything, and with those adorable eyes, who can blame them for not being too strict? But all that humping does mean he resembles another animal with humps: the camel! Just don’t go spitting in our eyes and we’ll let you do your thing, pup!

4. Okay, have to cheat! This one doesn’t look like another animal!


This puppy has such distinctive coloring that we can’t help but mistake him for a chocolate bar–only he’s even sweeter looking!

5. Uh oh! Here comes trouble!


This puppy’s owners might not be happy that their little cutie has gotten into the trash, but even they have to admit it makes for an adorable picture. With his “hangdog” expression, he looks just like a human, the only animal known to feel guilt! Don’t worry; we forgive you!

6. Put up your dukes!


Standing up on his hind legs, this puppy looks like he’s ready to start boxing, just like a kangaroo! But don’t let his looks fool you. We’re assured he’s a lover, not a fighter.

7. The last straw!


We end with this munchkin. He got himself all wet and rolled around in some straw–someone likes making a mess! But he also enjoys making himself look like a kitty! While that particular breed of cat has gotten a bad name in some corners of the internet, we can’t help but want to shower this little guy in all our love. Adorbz!

Do you have a picture of a puppy that looks like another animal? Share in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Seven adorable puppies that look like other animals. Number four will blow your mind!

  1. I love this blog. What tricksters those puppies are! Almost could forgive you for that teaser…”number 4 will….” Why not just say…”I love number 4″ or “look at number 4!?”


    • This is the internet. Standard emotions don’t do the trick anymore. Everything has to be hyperbolic to the point of absurdity, just so we can pretend to feel. Also, I mean, it’s a dog that looks just like chocolate! How is that not mind blowing!?!?!?


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