Life Hacks: 3 tips to improve your driving experience

Welcome to another edition of Life Hacks, where we give you the shortcuts you need to get through life more conveniently and efficiently.

This time, we’re going to look at ways to improve your driving experience.

There are, of course, many other articles claiming such helpfulness, but don’t be fooled–they’re all crap. They don’t actually help you drive any better.

As an example, a common so-called “life hack” those writers–who are the real hacks–present to you is that the cover of your gas tank also has a ledge that can hold your gas cap.


A so-called life hack.

Which would be extremely useful if the gas cap didn’t generally come already connected to the car by a wire that keeps it right in place.


Or if your car wasn’t already covered in surfaces where you can comfortably rest your gas cap.

Even without the gas cap’s magical dangling properties that make this “hack” worthless, it doesn’t improve your driving at all. It would only help you at the gas station. This article will help you on the road.

Life Hack #1: Storage

We’ve all been there. You go out shopping and get too much stuff to safely fit in your back seat. This can happen nearly anywhere, from the grocery store, the hardware store, or even a county fair when you win too many giant stuffed animals.


Just try to remember that you still need to pack yourself into the driver’s seat.

Some car manufacturers heard your complaints and added space to the back of the car, where you can add extra stuff. They call it a “trunk” and it can hold a great many things that you either can’t fit in your car’s open space, or don’t want visible.


Like that hooker you’re done with. There’s plenty of space left over for a shovel, lye, and any other items you might find necessary.

By using your trunk effectively, you’ll be able to see out your back windshield again. Much safer!

Life Hack #2: Night Driving

Let’s face it, driving at night presents problems. The sun is gone and the moon is a lazy substitute. Many roads are poorly lit. It’s just plain hard to see.


Sometimes you can barely even make out the hookers to fill your lonely night until you’ve already run them down.

Thankfully, most cars produced these days have a device to make things easier. All you have to do is activate a switch usually found sticking right out of the steering wheel.

That switch turns on lights that point in front of the car, lighting your way.


Ah, there we go. Much better.

Automotive engineers call these handy devices “headlights” and if you have trouble seeing at night, give them a try the next time things get too dark to see safely. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Life Hack #3: Driving in Bad Weather

Even with the headlights on, you may still have noticed how difficult it is to see when driving in rain or snow. The windshield gets covered with the precipitation and no amount of light can penetrate its wall of gloom.


And it’s not like the hooker screaming from your trunk is helping your concentration.

Thankfully, scientists once again came up with a handy tool that we wanted to spread the word about. No longer do you have to avoid your car when weather strikes. Now you can wipe it away!


Now if they would invent something to wipe the blood stains out of your trunk, you’d be in business.

Once again, the activation switch should be right near the steering wheel. Many luxury models even include an option to have the wipers go at different speeds, so you can adjust to the level of rain or snowfall. Amazing!

Have other tips to help your fellow motorists? Leave them in the comments. Together, we can make driving the safe, pleasant experience it was always meant to be.

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