Political Roundup: Rubio’s Canadian America

We don’t talk much politics around the SCS water cooler, mostly because talking politics is just about the worst thing anyone could possibly do.[1]

However, politics is playing a large part in the American consciousness right now, and there are some important things to discuss.

Let’s find out about the hidden message in Marco Rubio’s new “Morning again” ad.

Rubio is of course one of the handful of hopeful Republicans remaining in the wake of Hurricane Trump, trying to win his party’s nomination to run for president.


Thoughtfully described by CBS News as a “Possible”

And if you live in any state that has a primary anytime in the next six months, you know that means it’s time for political ads, and lots of them.

These two events have collided, as Rubio has released his own advertisements, trying to convince people he’s the right man to vote for.

Rubio’s latest ad is called “Morning again” and models itself after a famous Ronald Reagan ad from 1984. It starts off saying “It’s morning again in America” while showing a tug boat going across a body of water with a city in the background.


Just a typical American morning, with a commuter taking their tugboat to work.

The problem is that boat has a Canadian flag. And the body of water is the harbor in Vancouver. And the city is Vancouver. And Vancouver is in Canada.[2]

Of course, the liberal media and Rubio’s Republican opponents have gleefully pointed out this mistake.

And it’s hard to argue it’s not a straight-up mistake, as a campaign spokesman told Buzzfeed, who broke the story[3], “We hadn’t noticed that.” He also added, “We are not going to make Canada an issue in this election.”

What if it isn’t a mistake though?

Hear me out on this. That same spokesman also told Buzzfeed it was “a good catch,” which, in addition to sounding like he’s ruffling the hair of a young rapscallion who finally managed to do something right, could be acknowledging that Buzzfeed took the bait. They’re the ones who got caught.

It could well be that Rubio and his campaign are dropping heavy hints. Hints that they’re going to invade Canada. Vancouver is not part of America–not yet. They’re not going to make Canada an issue in the election. They’re going to wait until after the election.


Notice how he’s glaring up, the direction of north?

Rubio is coming for your delicious maple syrup and even deliciouser moose, Canadians. Who’ll be laughing then?

1. Also because we don’t have a water cooler. We run a tight ship.
2. We got your back, readers with American educations.
3. Buzzfeed breaking news might be the saddest part of this story.

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