Confederate compromises

The argument to take down the Confederate flag flying over the South Carolina capitol has spiraled out of control. Luckily for everyone, I’m here to solve all the problems once again.

The hallmark of a good compromise is said to be that it leaves no one happy. With that in mind, I have come up with the perfect compromise for all of the issues that have been raised. Continue reading

Inside Out: The new gay anthem?

The new Pixar movie Inside Out is charming audiences across the country, raking in millions of dollars as fans rush to see it.

Coincidentally, the Supreme Court recently ruled that gay marriage was legal across the country.

While I would not go so far as to claim Pixar manipulated the timing of these events, it has been quite fortuitous for them.

Inside Out, you see, may be the first major animated film to have its main character be gay. Continue reading