Some questions about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision

Just over 11 months ago, I got married. Recently, my wife and I were planning our first anniversary, a trip where we could relax, have an adventure or two, and reflect on what a year of marriage meant to us.

Now I am busy canceling those reservations.

My marriage is destroyed, thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Earlier today, the Court ruled 5-4 that not only may states allow gay marriage if they so choose, but all states must recognize gay marriage.

Enjoy it while you can, gays. One day, they'll come for you.

Enjoy it while you can, gays. One day, they’ll come for you.

Now that gay marriage is not only legal but mandatory, what does that mean for me?

What do I call the person who was so recently my wife? Is she my ex-wife, or because our marriage was dissolved is she not even that?

My marriage, as mentioned, wasn’t even a year ago. Now that it’s been destroyed, will we get reimbursed for our wedding? What about for the reservations I’d been making for our anniversary that now will never happen?

Do we have to return our wedding gifts? Some of them are not exactly in a condition in which anyone would want them returned to them.

Are we allowed to live together? Is that still living in sin? We did intend to be married, after all.

We have two cats. Are we now married to them? Are they married to each other?

Will our wedding pictures slowly fade away, like in Back to the Future?

And will Michael J. Fox become prominently featured in them? I'm okay with that, actually.

Will Michael J. Fox become prominently featured in them? I’m okay with that, actually.

And, perhaps most importantly, how do I explain this to our future children who now will never exist?

I’m baffled not only at the Supreme Court’s decision, which clearly has so large an effect on so many people in this country, but also that their ruling doesn’t provide answers to any of these questions those people now have.

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