Government privilege

Let’s talk about privilege.

If you believe Tumblr,[1] there are many different kinds of privilege, each more serious than the last.[2] There’s white privilege, male privilege, adult privilege, dyadic privilege… all kinds of privilege!

We’re not going to talk about any of those. We’re going to talk about actual privilege, which, by definition, is what people are and aren’t allowed to do.

Let’s start in Virginia, where a sixth grader was suspended for ten days with a recommendation for expulsion after talking a classmate out of cutting himself.

Adrionna Harris came across another student cutting his arms. With no teacher around and fearing he might bleed out, Adrionna took his razor blade away, threw it out, and convinced him he shouldn’t be doing that. She then made the crucial mistake of telling the authorities, in this case members of the school’s administration.

The officials acted quickly, immediately suspending her and issuing the recommendation of suspension to the school board.

Adrionna was shocked, her mother was outraged, and the media eagerly jumped on the story. The reports going around say the girl was suspended because of a no-tolerance weapons policy, which Adrionna counters shouldn’t matter because she threw the razor blade away immediately without carrying it around school.

While she was allowed back to school with the suspension cut short, I say the discipline didn’t go far enough. Forget about the weapon issue–the crime she was really being punished for (or should have been) was providing therapy without a license.

Psychology is a tricky business best left to the professionals. When she found that kid clearly suffering from some sort of mental issue, she was well within her means to take away the razor. But trying to talk him out of anything was going too far.

Not only could she have said something that wouldn’t get to the root cause, and not only is it possible that what she said could have made things worse, but I bet she didn’t even charge him an exorbitant fee and tell him that this was a delicate process that would take years and his entire college fund. That’s undermining our entire mental health industry.

We have laws against practicing psychology without a license. She should be charged to the full extent of the law.

Next we travel to the socialist hellhole called Canada, where taxes are high and handouts are plentiful. But a resident is learning that you don’t horn in on the government’s business.

Richard Wright had saved money diligently, and found he had extra funds. While in Halifax on a Spring break, Wright decided to share the wealth and went around giving cash to people who looked needy.

Artist's rendition.

Artist’s rendition.

Dozens of people received $50, $100, or even more[3], along with a message to thank God for the kindness, and instructions to pass the money on if they didn’t need it.

Naturally, the police were quickly called. They found Wright driving around, and knew that in randomly giving money away to the needy, he was doing the job handled by their pinko commie government, and that could not stand.

However, upon closer inspection, they realized there was no law against giving away money. So they did the only thing left they could do.

No no, it's still Canada, not LA.

No no, it’s still Canada, not LA.

They had him committed to a hospital for a mental health assessment.

What additional assessment needs to be made? He was giving away his own money! What’s crazier than that?

But you have to leave government responsibilities to government authorities.

An American example of that would be robbery. Citizens caught stealing money generally have to pay for their crimes. Stealing from people is the government’s job.

And doing it gets you a promotion.

Susan Coppinger was a clerk in Boston’s Inspectional Services Department. She was arrested in December for robbing a bank and connected to another robbery at the same bank a month earlier.

In January, just less than a month after the arrest, Coppinger was promoted to code enforcer.

She has since been placed on administrative leave, once the details became known. What Coppinger was truly guilty of (in the eyes of the government) was being a bad bank robber. She was connected to both thefts because both times she committed the crime by handing over a note requesting the money using lines such as “I am desperate,” “Don’t want anyone to get hurt” and “They have Ins. (insurance).”

The government is all about having their officials be authoritative when they take people’s money. Her wishy washy attitude would not fly.

This is how the world works. Only certain people are allowed to do certain things. If you aren’t in that group, you don’t get to do it.

To recap: little kids can’t stop classmates from cutting themselves, Canadians can’t hand out their own money, and government workers are rewarded for stealing. Always respect the privilege.

1. Never, ever believe Tumblr.
2. When arranged in order of severity.
3. But in Loonies[4], so who knows what that’s actually worth.
4. Just a friendly reminder that Canadians call their “money” Loonies.

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