Won’t somebody please think of the ****ing children?

The English language is a living, breathing, evolving language, meaning its speakers are an affront to God.

This linguistic evolution is capably illustrated by the Oxford English Dictionary adding around 900 new words to the dictionary.

And the evolution is capably proven evil and destructive by the words that have been added, as the OED is clearly trying to destroy America’s youth.

For ages, children have learned how to read, write, and speak by studying the dictionary. Words in the dictionary have a legitimacy to them. The dictionary is a trusted source of what words to use in any situation.

Bad kids have to copy dictionary entries as punishment and education. It teaches them to behave and also expands their vocabulary. This is another way our youth is entrusted to the steady, calming influence of our dictionaries.

That’s now shattered. Take a look at some of the words now defined forever, given legitimacy, FORCED UPON OUR CHILDREN:

  • to toilet-paper: to cover (a building, trees, etc.) with toilet paper, typically as a prank. Way to teach our kids how to vandalize property, OED.
  • honey trap: a strategem by which an attractive woman entices a weak and foolish man into revealing information. Once again, teaching our kids terrible lessons.
  • dead white male: a dead Caucasian male writer, philosopher, etc., whose pre-eminence is challenged as disproportionate to his cultural significance, and attributed to a historical bias towards his gender and ethnic group. Perhaps we shouldn’t be encouraging our kids to grow up to be dead? And what does this teach our girls and non-white children, if we are asking them to aspire to be dead, white, and male?

Those just put bad ideas in the heads of our children. A terrible thing, no doubt about it. But it gets worse.

The new Oxford English Dictionary also puts bad words in our children’s heads. This is where it gets serious. If you have a weak heart, you may want to stop reading now.

Take a look at what our children are being taught by this formerly august publication:

  • cunty, an expletive meaning “highly objectionable or unpleasant”
  • cuntish, an expletive describing an objectionable person or behavior
  • cunted, slang for being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • cunting, an expletive much like an f-bomb, used as an intensifier meaning “very much”

My word!

tumblr_m2ybg3inwP1qihztbo1_400The kids don’t stand a chance.

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