Deal or no deal

There’s nothing new in saying the health care system in this country is out of control. Costs are skyrocketing, employment decisions–by both employer and employee–are being made with insurance in mind, and the abomination that is called Obamacare is threatening to turn us into a dystopian nation full of nightmares and socialism, but mostly nightmares about socialism.

That’s why we here at Soft Core Sophistry are clinging to the idea proposed by Georgia governor Nathan Deal: stop treating those that can’t pay.

Deal has long been a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act, the Democrats euphemistic name for Obamacare. Now, though, he’s going after the root of the health care problem.

Last week, Deal took aim at the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), which forces hospitals to treat anyone in need of emergency medical care regardless of their citizenship, legal status, or ability to pay. This applies to every hospital that accepts Medicare as payment, which is basically every hospital.

In short, even if you are an illegal immigrant with a warrant out for your arrest and are completely broke and uninsured, you can waltz into an emergency room and receive medical care, and there’s nothing the hospital can do to stop you. Although your ability to waltz does depend on your injury and your level of dance training.

This costs American hospitals billions of dollars a year. Previously, they shifted that cost onto other patients, essentially making them pay for the costs of the poor and uninsured. But now agreements with insurance companies prevent that sort of cost-shifting in most cases, so hospitals just suffer the losses.

It has also led to emergency room overcrowding, both as people use the emergency room as a first stop for medical care, knowing they can’t be turned away, and because these exorbitant costs have caused hospitals to close.

Deal wants to repeal the law.

And you know Deal, a Republican, is serious, because he's talking about undoing a law signed by Republican President and deity, Ronald Reagan.

And you know Deal, a Republican, is serious, because he’s talking about undoing a law signed by Republican President and deity, Ronald Reagan.

Deal says the law was based on bad facts, those being that pregnant women were being turned away from hospitals because of their inability to pay. He says the law can be rewritten so pregnant women are still able to get the care they need for the innocent babies inside of them.

The real facts were that the law was created because hospitals were turning away anyone who couldn’t pay, which is why the law wasn’t designed specifically to protect pregnant women.

Deal wants to go back to those halcyon days, where the only people getting treatment at hospitals are those capable of paying for it.

You can go out and find plenty of opinion pieces blasting Deal’s plan, saying it would cause pain and death for many of America’s poor. I say this solves many of this country’s problems.

For one thing, the poor: we have too many of them. Look around and you’ll see people bemoaning the fate of the nation’s homeless, and wondering what we’re to do about them. And what about us, the average Americans who have boot straps we picked ourselves up by? We’re the ones who have to walk by these ‘people’ while muttering “I don’t have any cash” when they ask us for money. It’s a terrible thing to have to deal with. If we start not treating their illnesses and injuries, the problem will solve itself.

A similar thing will happen with our illegal immigration problem. We won’t need to build fences and patrol our borders if illegal immigrants start dying so soon after coming into our land. And as we all know, their dirty immigrant lungs can’t process the sweet taste of freedom in our American air, so they need lots of medical care.

More importantly, it will help us, the regular, wage-earning Americans. While most of the cost shifting has been eliminated and hospitals are forced to eat the losses suffered by treating the poor without any hope of receiving payment, that money still has to come from somewhere. Healthcare costs are still higher as a result, and we, as Americans, are footing the bill.

That’s a large part of why Obamacare was necessary in the first place, to try to get those costs under control and stop people from using the emergency room as a first stop instead of a last resort. That’s put us on the road to a socialist nightmare, leading us to the same medical crisis now facing Turkey.

We're all going to be roasted and smothered in gravy. It sounds all right until you realize you'll also have your giblets removed.

We’re all going to be roasted and smothered in gravy. It sounds all right until you realize you’ll also have your giblets removed.

It starts out simply, with the government assuming control of health care. That’s the next step after Obamacare, which already has us halfway there. At this point, the government can decide what’s covered and what’s not, which medical procedures you can have and which you can’t.

Turkey is taking the last step, providing Obama the blueprint he needs. President Abdullah Gul earlier this year signed into law a bill that makes it illegal for doctors to provide emergency care without first getting approval from the government.

If you thought Batman killed him in Batman Begins, you are dead wrong.

If you thought Batman killed him in Batman Begins, you are dead wrong.

Human rights organizations around the world are blasting this law, saying its purpose is to silence political protestors by not allowing doctors to treat them. If Turkish doctors treat someone without government approval, they face up to three years in prison and could be fined up to $1 million.

How long before Obama crafts a similar bill, giving himself complete control over every individual’s health care in this country? Where you can’t get medical care at all without his approval? I hope you never said anything negative or gave him (or the government agent deciding your case) any reason to prefer you just expire. That’s where we’re headed, where anyone who crosses the government can be denied medical care.

Much better if we just deny medical care to the poor instead. It’s us or them. I stand with Governor Deal. Let’s choose them.

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