Satire 2.0: Creating an argument that agrees with the other side’s premise

Last week, things got a little heated for Stephen Colbert. The host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report had a segment discussing Dan Snyder, owner of the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

In the piece, Colbert discussed Snyder’s journey to talk to members of various Native Americans to talk about their reaction to the football team’s name, which many have criticized as being racist, mostly because it’s racist.

After those talks, Snyder was apparently moved by the plight of the Native Americans and started the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation to help them.

Colbert was similarly moved by Snyder’s journey, and that’s where the trouble began, and where the #CancelColbert movement started on Twitter. Continue reading

Preventing the nation from being caught in a poverty trap

Like all good-thinking Americans, I’ve always considered the food stamp program to be a terrible burden on this country. It forces the nation’s poor into a poverty trap and puts a serious strain on the country’s taxpayers.

That’s why I applauded when Congress came to a bipartisan agreement in January that would cut food stamp benefits by up to $90 a month for around 850,000 families, on top of the $36 a month cuts (the average for a family of four) from November.

But now new information is coming out that shows there might be a cost to these cuts.

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Let’s stop bullying at the root

A couple months ago, we looked at how a New Zealand school was eliminating bullying.

But what’s good for the kiwis might not be good for us Americans. That’s why it’s nice to see a North Carolina school has come up with their own way to solve the bullying problem, by going right to the source.

They’re asking the bullied kid to stop being such a target.

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Won’t somebody please think of the ****ing children?

The English language is a living, breathing, evolving language, meaning its speakers are an affront to God.

This linguistic evolution is capably illustrated by the Oxford English Dictionary adding around 900 new words to the dictionary.

And the evolution is capably proven evil and destructive by the words that have been added, as the OED is clearly trying to destroy America’s youth.

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I never trusted that bastard Jiminy

Americans like to think we’re big sports fans. We share camaraderie, drinks, and drunken stories over sports.

We taunt, we yell, and we fight with fans of opposing teams.

We are nothing compared to India.

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In the public eye

Bob Costas is an award-winning sports broadcaster. He’s NBC’s go-to announcer when it’s time for the Olympics.

But his accomplishments are as tainted as his eye was during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

It’s time to put an asterisk next to his name in the history books.

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Working abroad: One man’s journey through pain and heartache

For the past six months, I have been working from home. Yesterday, our new office opened, and I had to go in to work.

Waking up early. Commuting to work. Remembering to wear pants.

This is the story of my waking nightmare.

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Deal or no deal

There’s nothing new in saying the health care system in this country is out of control. Costs are skyrocketing, employment decisions–by both employer and employee–are being made with insurance in mind, and the abomination that is called Obamacare is threatening to turn us into a dystopian nation full of nightmares and socialism, but mostly nightmares about socialism.

That’s why we here at Soft Core Sophistry are clinging to the idea proposed by Georgia governor Nathan Deal: stop treating those that can’t pay.

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