The cooked Book of Mormon

The president of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints is being sued in Britain on fraud charges. The man filing the charges alleges Thomas Monson made more than $257 million from the Mormon Church in the United Kingdom by spreading lies, thus the fraud charges.

Those lies he allegedly told are the central tenets of the Mormon faith. The money is the contribution made to the church by its members.

Here are some of the lies Thomas Phillips claims Monson has been profiting off of fraudulently: Continue reading

I thought Florida was the Gunshine State

Let’s get right to it: if you don’t live in Missouri, your freedoms are in grave danger. While the continued Obama-ization of this country threatens to take away our God-given rights to guns, the Show Me State is taking matters into their own hands.

For the second year in a row, their legislature is working on a law to override federal firearm legislation. Last year, Democratic Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill that would have made Missouri the last bastion of freedom in America, and Republicans came up just short of the votes needed to overturn that veto. Now they’re trying again with a slightly scaled down bill they believe will be more accepted.

There are lots of cars on this freedom train, so let’s hop on and ride the rails to Independence. Continue reading

The War on Germs

Ever since the germ theory of illness was confirmed, man has been trying to eradicate the pesky buggers. One of the ways us common folk have tried to fight germs is through the use of antibacterial soap.

Science for years has tried to take this weapon out of the plebe’s hands by saying it creates superbacteria that are resistant to the antibacterial properties. They also say it kills the good germs that live on our skin, making room for bad germs, and that it is no more effective than regular soap and water. They even have the audacity to claim that it doesn’t prevent people from getting sick, since most illnesses are caused by viruses (virii?), which antibacterial soaps don’t affect.

That hasn’t been working. About half all liquid and bar soaps sold in the United States have some sort of germicidal agent. The most common chemical dedicated to killing germs in soaps is triclosan, and Big Science has latched onto that in their latest attack on those outside their ivory tower. Continue reading