The dog days of winter

Arizona has made the news a lot in the last couple of years due to their stringent anti-immigration policies.

The state has been the butt of jokes, the source of activists’ ire, and the site of arguments about how to handle people of different ethnicities, as many say lawmakers have gone too far.

Now we see the reasons for the actions, and proof they haven’t gone far enough, because a gang of Mexican immigrants is taking over the town of Maryvale, with officials so far seemingly helpless to stop them.

A pack of chihuahuas has been roaming the streets, scaring residents, forcing them to flea in terror. The dogs are taking over the streets, proving those naysayers were barking up the wrong tree. Reports even surfaced that children on their way to school were attacked, though those reports were later confirmed to be unconfirmed.

Chihuahuas have long been one of the most insidious immigrant invaders. They have taken jobs from American dogs…

With no merciful end in sight.

With no merciful end in sight.

…from American accessories…

And they probably steal from the purses they're in.

And they probably steal from the purses they’re in.

…and from American writers.

I bet those aren't even prescription glasses.

I bet those aren’t even prescription glasses.

But this goes beyond chihuahuas roaming free and being a public menace.

As we all know, the economy is still not great. In times of tough finances, it’s easy for upstanding citizens to be turned to a life of crime. And the chihuahuas are pouncing on this situation.

Other dogs are being recruited into the chihuahua gang. Good, strong, American dogs are going from being stray to being led astray. Where does it end?

Please, please no.

Please, please no.

Where have you gone, Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you. The country’s most famous anti-immigration law enforcement officer needs to add a few more collars to his resume.

One thought on “The dog days of winter

  1. Does Beverly Hills have a fourth one thank you for your patience and your time I hope you have a good rest of your day and I would just want to say that I loved how you put the pictures like tell me I can order from like all the dogs that were good and like they’re jumping on the sky because like the one where he jumped out of the airplane and the dog with the glasses with so cute like she’s like so cute like the glasses kind of bigger but it looks so cute I loved it I love it like feeling that talks when it read books like they don’t read but like the ratings of the heart so thank you for your time thank you for your patience. So sorry to bother you for this time


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