Why we published “A Modest Proposal”

The Soft Core Sophistry editorial board has forcefully defended babies and criticized the use of force against them. Time and again we have argued that they are vital for a healthy nation and that attacks against them are barbaric, unjust, and have no place in the United States of America.

We’ve also crusaded for years against the underlying, systemic inequalities that have led to the conditions in which we now find ourselves.

As part of our exploration of these issues, SCS has published powerful arguments supporting babies, advocating for their healthy upbringing, and criticizing people eating them.

But SCS owes it to our readers to present counter-arguments, particularly by those who have good recipes.

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9 Amazing Facts About Lions that Will Shock and Amaze You

Lions are fascinating animals, but also generally misunderstood.

They’re called the “King of the Jungle” even though they live primarily in grasslands.

They’re on the English coat of arms, even though they aren’t naturally found in England.

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Will Diet Coke kill the fascination with the shared universe concept?

In Diet Coke’s current ad campaign, there are a pair of commercials. They’re basically the same: in each one someone walks through a sidewalk cafe of some sort, saying they like drinking Diet Coke, and if you like it too, then you should drink a Diet Coke. Because you can.

It’s profound in its simplicity. Or supremely dumb. Either way, they’ve distilled their marketing down to “if you like our product then you should consume our product.”

The specifics of their marketing message is largely beside the point. We’re here to dive into… different specifics.

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Flo Rida + The Machine. Now what?

It’s harder now than ever to come up with truly original ideas.

Or, rather, it’s the same level of difficulty to come up with those ideas, but it’s easier than ever to find out your idea wasn’t original at all. All it takes is a quick Google search to find out thousands of other people have already come up with the same thing.

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Laurel vs Yanny is why Trump won

In the latest social media explosion of people not being able to come to a consensus on what their senses are telling them, we have a verbal controversy.

So which do you hear, Laurel or Yanny?

If you hear ‘Laurel’ you are correct. It’s a poor-audio recording of a voice saying that word.

If you hear ‘Yanny’ you can’t be trusted. You are part of the problems plaguing the world.

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12 Disney Princesses reimagined as doorknobs

If there’s one thing we love here at Soft Core Sophistry, it’s jumping on trends that ended years ago.[1] And nothing says “wait isn’t that already played out” like visualizing Disney Princesses in a new way.

We also had lots of pictures of doorknobs laying around. Behold a peek behind the curtains of the creative process!
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The World According to Starburst

Philosophers have pondered the mysteries of humanity for millennia. Any conundrum you can imagine has been covered in countless ways, many of them contradictory.

One of the most popular is the link between pleasure and pain, happiness and suffering.

The Mars Corporation has weighed in on this timeless topic, and they show the need for suffering to enhance pleasure through their Starburst offering.

Let’s explore their ideas.

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The harrowing consequences of the #MeToo campaign

It was just last week that the #MeToo campaign started. In case you missed it, women throughout social media used that hashtag to call out that they were the victims of sexual harassment or abuse. Sometimes they shared the full story, and sometimes they just used “Me too” to call attention to the widespread nature of the problem.

As with most populist movements, it has had unintended consequences. That’s what we’re here to talk about now.

Let’s talk about the issues it’s caused men.

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CIA dog fired for being sensible

Meet Lulu.



Lulu is a Labrador, and part of the latest CIA training class for bomb-sniffing dogs.

Today, in a public announcement, perhaps meant to shame her, Lulu was fired. As I’ll discuss, she has nothing to be ashamed of.

There are also lots of pictures of Lulu here, so you can just look at those if you want. There’s no shame in that either.

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Point/Counterpoint: Dogs

With so much going on in the country and the world, it’s time to bring back a popular SCS format, and let two of our experts debate the merits of a hot-button issue.

However, many topics are too hot of a button right now, and for others it’s apparently not the right time to talk about it, so we’re going to talk about …[spins wheel]… dogs.

Take it away, experts!

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